How to use private listening on Roku streaming devices?

Everyone, have you ever had to cut a late night streaming marathon short because someone in house is sleeping.

  • Well, don’t forget our private listening feature will be streaming to the early morning hours while everyone else can catch those ease. Let’s take a look.
  • Select Roku streaming players and Roku TV models feature private listening through the remote and the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android devices enables private listening on an even wider range of Roku devices. If you have a compatible Roku remote simply plug headphones into the headphone jack. You can use the volume buttons on the side of the remote to adjust the volume level.
  • If you’re using your mobile device. First, download the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android, launch the app and plug in your headphones to hear the audio.
  • Use the headphones icon to toggle the feature on or off and adjust the volume with your devices volume buttons.
  • And there you have it. Private listening lets you turn the volume up, keeping things down for those around you.

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