How to show photos from your phone onto your Roku devices?

You can display photos view videos and play music stored on your smartphone on your Roku device using the Roku mobile app, the Roku mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices as a free download.

  1. In order for your Roku app to work with your Roku device, your phone and Roku device must be on the same network. For instance, your home network, which your Roku device connects to.
  2. Okay, now let’s open the Roku mobile app.
  3. Look for the menu at the bottom of the app screen. Here the right corner, you’ll see this item. Go ahead and press it.
  4. If you haven’t already used the app with your Roku device, you’ll be asked to select which Roku device on your network you’d like to connect to. Simply tap the device you’d like to use.
  5. Once connected, you’ll be presented with types of media to display on your Roku device to display photos. Select Photos, select the album you’d like to view photos from. If this is your first time using the app, you may be asked to allow the Roku mobile app to access your media.
  6. Once you found the photo you’d like to display, tap on it.
  7. Your photo is now showing on your TV, you can click through your photos with a forward and back arrows or play a slideshow of photos by pressing the play icon.
  8. Playing videos and music can be done in the same way by selecting the appropriate media type with videos, be aware that only videos captured with your smartphone will play correctly.

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