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How to connect your Roku to your TV and watch your favorite shows and videos – 

The following guide is to help people activate their Roku streaming devices. You can follow the instructions to enable your Roku TV or streaming device. This step by step Roku com link guide will help you to watch your favorite TV shows and events on your streaming devices.

If you are about to buy a ROKU device, then you should first the basics of getting it to work. Read below to find detailed information about ROKU setup and activation instructions. You can activate your ROKU device by visiting By activating through this link, you can watch numerous live events, videos and ROKU channels. Also, you can opt for a monthly subscription plan depending on your needs.

Roku streaming is an easy to use economical option with the latest technology. You just have to connect your Roku device with your television. All you need to connect the Roku device to your TV is a Roku account. By creating a Roku account, you will be able to view a lot of paid and free channels. The best part is that you don’t have to download any shows or events; you can simply stream the videos on your TV.

Roku device is an entertainment package where you as a Roku account holder can watch several shows like movies, web series, cartoon shows, drama and more. With a Roku account, users can add channels that are available on the Roku store using the Roku device. Now you may wonder as to how the Roku activation is done. You should go to and follow a few simple steps to get the job done.

  1. Turn you Roku TV on by pressing HOME button on the Roku device
  2. The TV screen should be launched
  3. You will get an activation code from Roku
  4. The activation link can be found just below the activation code
  5. An internet browser should be opened on a mobile phone or a computer
  6. Users should enter the Roku activation URL
  7. The activation code should be entered to log in to the account with Roku
  8. The Roku will now be activated

If you don’t have an account with Roku, you can create one by visiting Once the account is created, you can add channels after activating the device by going to Roku com link.

Issues linked to Roku activation

Some common issues associated with Roku device activation can include:

  1. Users with bad internet connection
  2. Television not recognizing Roku devices
  3. Unsecured home network or virus affected computer
  4. Temporary server or internet connection problem

Updating with credit card

If you want create a Roku account or update one, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to on a computer
  2. Provide all the required information like your full name, email address and password
  3. Accept the terms & conditions/license agreement
  4. Choose the option “I will add later” when asked for payment and billing address.
  5. Have fun; your Roku account is created

Roku Device Setup Procedure

It is a fairly simple process to setup Roku device. If you want to setup a new roku device, you just need the following things.

  1. Streaming Stick
  2. AC Power Adapter
  3. Battery
  4. Remote Control

Step 1. Connecting Roku

User should first plug the Roku device in to the HDMI post in their TV. If the TV doesn’t have a HDMI post, then they can use a HDMI extender cable. The input on both the TV remote and Roku remote should be the same.

Step 2. Powering up Roku device

The Roku device should be loaded with batteries and checked for flashing green lights. The Roku device can be powered connecting it with the TV via USB cable or the AC power adapter. Once turned on, the remote can be used to select the language as per the users’ requirement.

Step 3. Connecting Roku with WiFi network

Users can connect their Roku device with the WiFi network to update the software and start using the device.

Step 4. Activating Roku

Roku player can activated by logging in with login credentials on Roku com link. Once they enter the generated PIN, users can subscribe for their favorite content and start watching the same.